On valuing questions

Do I have any questions?

Or do I just want to have all the answers?

Is our conversing, writing, and living more about what answers we can give, or about what questions that we have?

Can we begin to value the process over the product?

Or, do we have to know the end goal and the action items needed to get us there before we begin to live?

Is it okay to sit in the questions that wander through your mind?

Or, should we always be pressing forward with answers? And, when we get the answers, will they even be enough for us?

Who knows? Do you know?


2 thoughts on “On valuing questions”

  1. You’ve raised some interesting questions. 😉
    I am goal-oriented, and I need a point. If I cannot see the point of something clearly, then I will not waste my time with it. If the answers are unclear, then I no longer bother to question; I just turn in another direction, in search of something with more clarity and sense. Are we here to question? Perhaps. But we are also here to figure out the answers.

  2. Found this really thought provoking and had to pause before commenting to work out what it made me feel. I think it is a mixture of questioning and getting answers. We need answers to our questions to learn and develop as people. Yet not all questions will have answers and sometimes it is the questioning itself that bring rewards.

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