On taking things one step at a time

Some days, I think that I just take everything way too seriously.

Being a dreamer, idealist, and perfectionist all wrapped into one human can do that to you.

I of all people think that planning and dreaming and aiming higher and wider is so important. Yet, when I see people who I deem to be taking life “too seriously,” I just wonder.

How much more would I take in the beauty of life and people if I didn’t take them all so seriously?

How much more could I accomplish if I simply took things one step at a time? There’s such pressure to have your 5 year plan, or your 10 year plan. But, can any of us really predict where we will be, what could have changed, and what we’ll experience in the course of those years?

We can’t.

We can’t predict or prevent things that will happen to us and control all that we will become. Obviously, as with most things, there is an important balance.

Yet, in this first year teaching at a new school, I am beginning to see the importance of living in the moment. Of taking things one step at a time. And not always being pulled into the lure that is “planning ahead.”

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