I’m Meagan – a writer, teacher, & dreamer.

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I write stories of being an endless dreamer, introverted teacher, hopeful writer, and homebody traveler. I hope that our stories will intertwine in a powerful, beautiful, totally awesome way some day soon. I love that you are here at this place right this moment–being a reader, writer, idealist, and dreamer with me. I love you already, and I mean it!

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I’m married to Josh, pictured below. We do basic things like peer pressure each other to run half marathons and most ironically get featured as the least runningest runners on all the marathon social media accounts. (That happened once.) He’s my greatest supporter and likes to tweet the same thing over and over again saying “my wife has a blog.” Which I secretly think is the cutest and I love him for that. Don’t tell him I said that.

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