On pressure

In thinking about enjoying a moment, I often think about how the pressure I place on myself can often rob me of the joy to be had in these moments. It's at work. On the days when I feel like I've lost my temper and failed to plan well, that I can't stop and see… Continue reading On pressure

Travel Journal: New Orleans

This is a guide for all you homebody introverts who love a good adventure and want to see the world, but don't love being drained beyond reason by the time you get home. In this series, I share my city tips on how to conserve your introverted energy and have the best time ever all… Continue reading Travel Journal: New Orleans

The Top 5 Letters in My Alphabet

My February series was a doozy for me, but I keep thinking about how much  I learned about discipline in my writing from it. I've also been reflecting on what caught people's eye the most. Here are the most popular posts of the alphabet: 5. B is for Books - 4 Reasons to Pick Up… Continue reading The Top 5 Letters in My Alphabet

P is for Privilege

I sit here in a hipster Austin coffee shop on South Lamar writing about my passion for writing. Fueling my energy into this bloggy blog that I want to start. Seeking out even more comfort for my already comfortable life. Josh leans over and tells me about refugees that had already been vetted to come… Continue reading P is for Privilege

A is for Asian American

In the month of February, I'm challenging myself to write more (everyday), share more, and risk more. So, here's the start of an A to Z series based on whatever came to my mind first. 😉 Enjoy the ride!  I think a lot about what it means to be both Asian and American. My earliest… Continue reading A is for Asian American